When searching the National Institutes of Health (NIH) dietary supplement labeling database and natural drug database, Cohen and colleagues found 10 supplements labeled as containing Obertan, aniracetam, benpiracetam or oxiracetam. These four analogues are piracetam not approved for human use in the United States. Piracetam is also not approved in the United States.
Of these 10 products, five unapproved drugs – oberacetam and aniracetam, as well as three other drugs (Phenibut, vinpocetine and Picamilon) were found.
By taking the recommended dosage of these products, consumers can be exposed to drug levels, including up to 40.6 mg of oberacetam (typical pharmacological dose 10 mg), 502 mg of aniracetam (typical pharmacological dose 200-750 mg), 15.4 mg of Phenibut powder(typical dose 250-500 mg), 4.3 mg of vinpocetine (typical dose 5-40 mg), And 90.1 mg of piccamillon (typical dose 50-200 mg), the study team reported.
Several drugs detected in these “smart” pills were not declared on the label, and several declared drugs were not detected in the products. For products with the quantity of drugs indicated on the label, three-quarters of the declared quantity is inaccurate.
Consumers using these cognitive enhancers may be exposed to a large number of unapproved drugs in doses four times the doses and combinations of drugs never tested in humans, the team said. One product contains three different unapproved drugs and the other product contains four different drugs.
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