What is benbute hydrochloride powder?


Phenibut HCL powder is a puzzle compound derived from GABA[-aminobutyric acid]. Phenibut powder is a popular nootropics in many products in the community. GABA is a naturally occurring inhibitory neurotransmitter. Phenibut is no longer considered a dietary supplement, according to multiple dietary supplement associations.


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Measurement and dose

According to existing studies, studies and anecdotal data, Phenibut hydrochloride powder users should take 250mg(~0.5 spoon) to 500mg(~1 spoon) each time 1-4 times a day. The dose should not exceed 1000 mg per session and 2000 mg per day. Failure to follow these guidelines increases the potential for negative side effects and potentially counteracts the positive effects of chemicals. In addition, existing research suggests that your use should not exceed 2-3 times a week and should include 2-3 days off every 2 consecutive days of use. No more than 4000 milligrams, or 4 grams, per week. For accurate measurement, scales are needed. The spoons provided are an approximate measure and will vary. Remember, the spoon is a guide, not an accurate measurement. No scoop is 100% right. Do not use these guidelines as your sole basis for determining the amount of propyl ether. Consult a qualified professional before taking any type of nootropics, including Phenibut.

Side effects of phenylpropyl hydrochloride powder

Misuse and misuse are a major cause of the chemical’s side effects. Failure to follow the instructions above may cause side effects.

Note: Independent sources recommend that you never mix propyl ether with alcohol.